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Christine Kantas Herbert has worked in law most of her life both as a lawyer in Medford Oregon for more than 20 years and prior to that as a legal assistant in a large law firm in San Diego.  She achieved her law degree while working full time and attending law school at night.

Criminal defense is her passion, whether it’s defending adults or children charged with crimes.  She takes this work very seriously and strives to achieve the very best result for all her clients.  She is a trial lawyer and is not afraid to zealously defend her clients all the way to the end regardless of their background or charges they face.

She also defends parents and children in child welfare cases through juvenile court.  The practice of juvenile law requires expertise in the field.  Christine has practiced juvenile law since 2003 and has represented parents and children in thousands of hearings in juvenile court, also including termination of parental rights.  The specifics of Juvenile law changes frequently and a defender must be current on its application. She personally understands the foster care system, having gone through it herself as a youth in Clackamas County. This experience has given Christine deep and meaningful insight when dealing with teens and children placed out of home.

Defending children facing crimes in juvenile court also requires an expert.  Christine spearheaded the stop of shackling youth in Jackson County in the year 2009.  Soon thereafter, other counties followed the practice leading to a state-wide ban on the shackling of youth throughout the State of Oregon. Christine Kantas Herbert is a truly caring and compassionate lawyer and she works hard for her clients...  Just ask them.

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